Hyundai Backpack Leaf Blower

Hyundai Backpack Leaf Blower
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Carried in a supported backpack frame by the user, the 33cc engine and blower fan assembly are adequately supported by a twin over-the-shoulder harness which ensures the operator optimum comfort and convenience throughout any task no matter how long. The HYB33’s low weight of just 6.8kg enables it to be used over longer periods without discomfort or irritation. Powered by a hugely reliable 33cc Hyundai two-stroke engine capable of producing 1.2hp, the HYB33 has a maximum air speed of 117mph which is more than sufficient to help move both damp or dry leaves and debris, and accumulate into piles or rows ready for collection and disposal.


Engine Type: Hyundai 2-stroke

Engine Size: 33cc

Engine Speed: 7,800rpm

Air Speed: 187km/hr

Weight: 6.8kg

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